About Us

Pharma Franchise is a platform Aiming to provide essential services to the business sector where you can find complete Top Pharma Companies marketplace in India who are dealing in PCD Pharma Franchise, monopoly Pharma Franchise, Third Party Manufacturing, Derma Franchise, Ayurveda Products Franchise and much more.

Pharma Franchise is scheduled to begin operations in 2015 having a basic and primary focus in its mind that it will provide quality services to their clients and from that day till now we are providing the same. It is a digital marketplace that connects both buyers and sellers and vice versa.

The main Aim of Pharma Franchise is to bring together entire Pharma Industry at one place and provide a platform to all those individuals dealing in Pharmaceutical to find trade opportunities so that they can promote their products and services online.

We Are Dealing With Different Pharma Companies Providing Services Given Below

We Specially Focus On

Digtal advertisement for brand awareness and lead generation

"Advertising is how a company encourages people to buy their products, services or ideas. An advertisement draws good attention towards these things". We also act as an advertising agency to create brand awareness that creates high amount of lead generation for these companies to act and earn high profit in the marketplace.

B2B Platform

Promoting Pharma company's insights and easy integration options are key components of Pharma Franchise that helps promoting the products of B2B suppliers. We build B2B strategies that are result oriented.

True collaboration of sellers with their buyers

"Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business". It is a digital marketplace that connects B2B suppliers together.

Complete understanding of customers business to provide service according to their business requirements

We provide proper and satisfactory solution to the individuals after analyzing their business requirements along with rich and useful information and ensure for genuine businesses that enhances their leads and scope of earning good profit out of their investments.


Our vision is to be a relevant platform for Pharmaceutical companies to generated good amount of profit along with the collaboration of B2B businesses.